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Tongwei Terra | Lower Carbon Emissions to Make Energy Greener and Eco-friendly

published: 2023-02-10 17:16

As a source of green energy, solar power generation is boosting human society to achieve a new lifestyle featuring green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly. However, is the equipment used to generate electricity, i.e., PV panels, conform with the green sustainable development we advocate in its manufacturing, transportation, and the product itself? To answer that, we must first understand the concept of “product carbon footprint”.

Product carbon footprint refers to the GHG emissions generated in the entire product life-cycle from the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, use, to the final disposal. It is also critical for measuring PV panels' low-carbon environmental protection. In October 2022, Tongwei Terra shingled panels were awarded carbon footprint certification (ECS) by Certisolis in France, which means that the carbon footprint generated by the panels throughout their entire life-cycle meets the high standard requirements of carbon emissions.

Terra, Naturally Green——Low-lead and Fluorine-free

The idea of environmental protection and recycling has been fulfilled throughout the R&D of Tongwei Terra products. Unlike traditional panels, Terra shingled panels adopt an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) instead of solder ribbons to connect the cells. As solder ribbons are known to be made of heavy metals such as tin and lead, which have negative effects on the ecological environment and human bodies. Lead is not biodegradable and can remain in organisms for years, damaging multiple systems, such as nerves, kidneys, and endocrine. The shingled cell interconnection technology allows Terra panels to get rid of solder ribbons. Switching to non-toxic and eco-friendly resin adhesives for interconnection, not only endows Terra with lightness, flexibility, and strong power generation capability, but also reduces the lead content by more than 60%. The panel without high temperature soldering processes.will be easier to disassemble and dismantle solar cells in the future.

Moreover, Terra is also fluorine-free in its raw materials. Studies have proved that fluorine contamination can cause poisoning in animals and plants by affecting the fluorine content in crops such as grain and vegetables. The main film and layer of Terra panel’s back sheet are made of fluorine-free materials to reduce pollution for long-term green development. The eco-friendly design of Tongwei Terra shingled panels undoubtedly reduce the harm to the environment and human beings, and also relieve the pressure on future process costs in treating lead and fluorine contamination, thus achieving efficient panel recycling.

Terra, Thinner and Economical——Compatible with 90μm Silicon Wafer

The solder ribbons used in conventional panels also constrain the thickness of the solar cells. Solder ribbons must be used together with thicker cells to prevent microcracks caused by the thermal stress of welding. The flexible adhesive technology enables Terra shingled panels to adopt thinner cells and be compatible with wafers as thin as 90μm, which means less consumption of silicon material in manufacturing, 40% lower than that of conventional panels. All these have shown Terra’s far-sighted R&D, design and commitment to higher environmental protection standards. Terra, “born-green” and bloom “low carbon” style.

Stick to the Low-carbon Principle During Manufacturing

The layout of Tongwei’s entire PV industrial chain that integrates upstream, midstream, and downstream lays a solid foundation for Tongwei’s sustainable development, but the low-carbon manufacturing behind it is a more profound embodiment of the “green PV power”.

TW Solar has made substantial independent innovations in recycling resources and by-products. For instance, by transforming equipment and optimizing the cell process, we have reduced the use of chemicals by more than 20%, reducing wastewater and exhaust gas. The “Polysilicon Technology Research Institute” established within TW Solar focuses on tail gas recovery and gas separation technology. What’s more, the carbide slag cement production line can produce cement with the carbide slag and cinder generated from the production of PVC, pushing the waste utilization rate to as high as 100%.

Green mountains and lucid water are Tongwei’s valuable assets. Tongwei attaches great importance to environmental protection, promotes ecological management in the whole lifecycle, practices environmental protection in daily life, and tries our best to achieve ecological civilization.

Picture of Tongwei Yongxiang

Tongwei Terra series products make it possible that the concept of environmental protection can be implemented throughout the entire product lifecycle from R&D, manufacturing product use to material recycling, significantly reducing carbon emissions. With the pursuit of lowering carbon emissions to make energy greener and more eco-friendly, Tongwei Terra is shining on the way to achieve net zero emissions!

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