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Formosa 2 Completes Installation of 47 Wind Turbines, with Over 80% Wind Turbines Starting to Transmit Power

published: 2023-02-24 9:30

Formosa 2 announced to have completed the installations of all 47 wind turbines on January 31st, and will now continue to actuate pilot operation and subsequent completion for these wind turbines, with provision of stable clean energy for the entire Taiwan that will begin shortly, which further accomplishes the target of energy transformation.

Despite challenging weather during Taiwan’s wintertime, Formosa 2 joined hands with its partners and overcome many obstacles along the way, and aggressively propelled engineering procedures by having completed the installations of all underwater foundations and submarine cables last year, before successfully installing 47 wind turbines at Miaoli’s offshore area, where more than 80% of these installed wind turbines have now started transmitting power.

Formosa 2 adopts the 8MW wind turbines produced by Siemens Gamesa that are 167m in diameter for the impellers, 116.4m in height for the hub, and 81m in length for the blades.

Tiemen Maebe, Project Director of Formosa 2, commented that the wind farm, following the successful installations of wind turbines, will steadily march towards the commercial operation and maintenance phase, and continue to abide by strict environmental, safety, and health regulations whilst providing clean energy for Taiwan and accomplishing sustainable values.

Formosa 2 is co-developed by JERA, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, and Synera Renewable Energy. Among which, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group is supported by the independent investment company Corio Generation. Formosa 2, after completing in construction, will have a total installed capacity of 376MW, and generate enough clean wind energy for about 380K households each year.

 (Cover photo source: Formosa 2)

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