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Gotion Hi-Tech Enters Japan’s Energy Storage Market by Sealing a Deal with Edison Power

published: 2023-03-28 9:30

Various news agencies reported on March 20 that Chinese battery supplier Gotion Hi-Tech has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Edison Power, a Japanese provider of energy storage solutions. Together, they will jointly develop the Japanese markets for energy storage systems and battery recycling services. The higher mission of their partnership is promote the adoption of renewable energy across Japan. At the same time, Gotion will be able to establish a foothold in the country.

Source: Gotion Hi-Tech

The growth of the global market for renewable energy and the revisions made to Japan’s Electricity Business Act in May 2022 have created new opportunities in the Japanese market for large-scale battery energy storage systems. According to the agreement between Gotion and Edison, both parties will jointly formulate a concrete strategy to develop this market during the cooperation period and make adjustments based on the evolving demand situation. Their sales target is set at 1GWh for the first year of cooperation and raised to 2GWh for every year after.

In terms of the division of responsibilities, Gotion will be providing battery cells, battery modules, and battery management systems. Turning to Edison, it will work with local clients with respect to EPC and O&M.

Gotion Hi-Tech has accumulated many years of experience in running business operations within the major sections of the battery industry chain, from lithium mining to lithium processing, battery materials, battery manufacturing, and battery recycling. Furthermore, the company has established an early version a system for the comprehensive recycling of Li-ion batteries. Hence, Gotion is willing to share its knowledge with Edison and jointly build a battery recycling system in Japan.

Edison Power is a well-known provider of renewable energy solutions in Japan. The company has been developing and manufacturing battery energy storage systems since 1991. Besides energy storage solutions, Edison is also involved in the development of PV and biomass projects.

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