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Tianjin Aims to Have Green Energy Such as Wind Power and Solar PV Account for 10% of Its Industries’ Energy Mix by 2025

published: 2023-03-28 9:30

On March 21, the Tianjin Municipal People's Government Office issued a notice on “The Tianjin Petrochemical and Chemical Industry High-quality Development Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). The goal of the Plan is to orient the comprehensive development of the local industries towards green development and higher safety level. The specific aims of the plan include (1) the commitment to recycling of resources and energy; (2) the acceleration of the formation of a green, low-carbon system for industrial development; (3) the active exploration of green production methods; and (4) the promotion of the green and low-carbon transformation process. This notice was first picked up by other Chinese news websites.

Industrial enterprises operating in Tianjin are required to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. They also have to meet the relevant industry standards and requirements for emitting pollution. Furthermore, the city’s industries as a whole are mandated to have green energy account for at least 10% of their energy mix. The types of green energy include cold energy, wind power, solar PV, etc. They are also mandated to achieve a utilization rate of more than 95% for the re-use of by-product hydrogen gas. Additionally, industrial enterprises are required to further strengthen their safety measures and enhance the overall safety levels of their respective business operations.

As for the municipal government, it will accelerate the build-out of the supporting infrastructure such as water mains, power transmission network, gas distribution network, steam distribution network, sewage treatment, petrochemical pipelines, etc. Various government agencies will also step up their efforts in developing and using clean and green energy such as solar PV, wind power, cold energy, hydrogen, geothermal energy, and residual heat and pressure energy. Furthermore, the municipal government will ramp up the development of redundant public supply systems for water, gas, and electricity. The municipal government will strive to guarantee supply and generation capacity. At the same time, the linkage between local production facilities and the port of Tianjin will be strengthen as well. This is reflected in the slogan, “Promotion of the port through improvements in production and vice versa.” Under the premise of adhering to safety regulations and having the full capability to control logistics, the port of Tianjin will gradually be open to contain operations involving products that are under Class 2 to 6 of China’s Hazardous Material Classification. Ultimately, the port will be modified to create a convenient and high-quality logistics environment.

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