green energy

Seawater Unleashed as the Ultimate Green Hydrogen Elixir: US Scientists Forge Revolutionary “Seawater Electrolyzer”

published 2023 年 06 月 27 日 9:30
In a significant breakthrough, American scientists have pioneered a revolutionary “seawater electrolyzer” that eliminates the need for freshwater in green hydrogen production. Seawater, abundant and rich in hydrogen, oxygen, and sodium, has long been regarded as a potential fuel source. However, extracting hydrogen from seawater has remained an elusive challenge. ...  more

Researchers Propose Coal as a New Medium for Hydrogen Storage

published 2023 年 06 月 19 日 9:30
In a groundbreaking development, researchers at Penn State University have proposed a novel model of hydrogen storage: coal. The unexpected suggestion comes as scientists have long identified coal as a contributor to climate change, not a clean fuel source. ...  more

Hitachi Yungtay to Activate Green Elevator Factory in February Next Year

published 2023 年 05 月 09 日 9:30
Today marks the first anniversary of Hitachi Yungtay Elevator becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi. Koji Ide, Chairman of Hitachi Yungtay, commented that the subsidiary has laid down a 3-year plan that aims to achieve about 10% of revenue growth from elevators in Taiwan between 2022 and 2024, as well as focus on green elevators, high-speed elevators, as well as the maintenance and repair market of refurbished elevators. ...  more

World Smart Energy Week expected to expand

published 2013 年 03 月 13 日 11:29
Starting from the FC fuel cell exposition 9 years ago and after the continuous increase of energy themes, World Smart Energy Week 2013 is now an energy exposition that covers 8 different themes. PV EXPO and other individual exposi...  more