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Tongwei Solar, Smart and Global: Supplying Serbia’s Largest PV Project

published: 2024-05-29 14:40

Chinese President Xi Jinping traveled to France, Serbia, and Hungary from May 5 to 10 on an official state visit. The trip aimed to turn a new page on relations between China and Europe - France, Serbia, and Hungary in particular - while also opening up a window on a new global perspective. President Xi Jinping penned a signed article titled "May the Light of Our Ironclad Friendship Shine on the Path of China-Serbia Cooperation" and published in the Serbian media during his visit to China’s "Ironclad Friend" after an absence of eight years. In a testament to the true nature of the friendship that ties the people of China and Serbia, the article speaks of the importance of mutual respect and trust and the need to help and learn from one another. A new era of cooperation between China and Serbia is dawning in this jewel of the Balkans as the grand vision of the Belt and Road Initiative is implemented.

The PV industry is an important part of the new chapter of economic and trade cooperation contributing to Serbia's sustainable economic development. And Tongwei Solar brings its exceptional technological and innovative capabilities to the construction of PV projects in Serbia, contributing to national rejuvenation and fostering a new China-Serbia community with a bright future.

The Saraorci PV Project, spearheaded by PowerChina, has a total installed capacity of 13.86 MW and is the largest, and indeed the first, PV project in Serbia to be built by a Chinese company. The project is a symbol of Tongwei Solar's intelligent manufacturing capabilities on the Danube River and the largest PV project in Serbia it has ever supplied with modules. The completion of this project heralds a fresh chapter in cooperation between China and Serbia and is a clear indicator of what awaits green energy across the Balkans.

During construction, the project hired locally, creating nearly 200 jobs for the local community and planting the seeds of green energy in the hearts of every worker. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of PowerChina and Tongwei Solar, the PV power plant is expected to provide a steady stream of green energy to power Serbia's economic and social development after its planned connection to the grid at the end of May.

Tongwei Solar has successfully supplied the project throughout the process, showcasing its superior production capabilities and efficient supply speed from the initial establishment of the partnership to the shipment of the modules themselves. To guarantee the quality of its modules, Tongwei Solar has adopted rigorous standards and six key quality assurance measures implemented in the screening of raw material, the management of the production process, testing and certification across environments, strict control of the quality system process, shipment quality inspections, and the highest level of customer service. These measures have made it possible for Tongwei Solar to underscore the preeminence of Tongwei Solar’s intelligent manufacturing with a stricter quality assurance system, providing, in turn, a solid guarantee for the safe construction of the Serbia project.

Once the PV project is commissioned, it will supply approximately 16 million kWh of clean electricity to the local area annually, effectively saving 5,100 tons of standard coal each year, and contributing to the development of the national economy. More significantly, the PV project made possible by Tongwei Solar’s intelligent manufacturing is expected to contribute to the health of our planet by reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by 16,000 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by 2.7 tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 3.2 tons.

The successful completion of this project will provide Serbia with invaluable energy transition experience and serve as a model for other nations. It will also show how collaboration between China and Serbia under the Belt and Road Initiative can promote economic growth while protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

As PV projects grow along the Belt and Road Initiative, we eagerly anticipate more collaboration on green energy and the opportunity to utilize Tongwei Solar’s intelligent manufacturing to contribute to sustainable development worldwide.

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