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Equipment Installation Begins at Phase 2 of HuaSun’s Wafer Manufacturing Site in Anhui

published: 2023-05-12 15:04

On May 6, HuaSun held a grand ceremony to mark the equipment move-in at the phase 2 of its wafer manufacturing site in Xuancheng Science and Technology Park. Xuancheng is a city in China’s Anhui Province. This event was first reported by other Chinese news outlets.

The phase 2 of the wafer manufacturing site is set to have a production capacity of 2.7GW per year. The site will mainly output wafers for HJT cells. The phase 2 will deploy diamond-wire saws that produce wafers that are thinner and more precise in dimensions, thereby meeting the material requirements for HJT cells. The wafer manufacturing site will support HuaSun’s own production of HJT cells. Also, the phase 2 is another greater-than-GW-scale capacity expansion project undertaken by the company, following the phase 1 that is now in operation and has a production capacity of 1.8GW per year.

Once the phase 2 is completed and enters full-scale production, the entire manufacturing site is projected to contribute as much as RMB 2.158 in annual output value and provide 600 local jobs. Furthermore, HuaSun will commence construction on two plants that will respectively produce HJT cells and modules. The cell manufacturing site will have a production capacity of 11GW per year, whereas the module manufacturing site will have a production capacity of 8GW per year. The company said both plants will be fitted with the latest smart manufacturing solutions. With all the above-mentioned projects entering operation, HuaSun’s annual total output value is projected to reach RMB 30 billion.

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