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Mercedes Accelerates its Electric Journey with the Unveiling of High-End EQE and EQS SUVs in Taiwan

published: 2023-06-07 9:30

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan underscored its commitment to electrification by announcing plans to introduce two high-end all-electric SUVs, the EQE SUV and its luxury flagship, the EQS SUV. These trailblazing models are now open for pre-orders, with the official launch set to electrify the Taiwanese market in July this year.

Mercedes has hit the ground running as it embraces the electrification wave with gusto. Fresh off the launch of the EQE electric sedan earlier this year, the automaker shows no signs of slowing down, confidently expanding its electric portfolio with two additional SUVs.

Diverging from the EQA and EQB models currently gracing Taiwan’s roads, the EQE SUV and EQS SUV are conceived from a state-of-the-art all-electric module. This innovative approach offers an efficient allocation of interior space and promises to outstrip hybrid models with superior battery performance.

The EQE SUV will be available in two dynamic variants—the EQE 350 SUV and the performance-driven AMG EQE 43 SUV. Both variants come equipped with all-wheel drive. The 350 SUV flaunts an OFFROAD mode, supplemented by ground monitoring features, ensuring it’s equipped to tackle a diverse range of terrains. Its AMG Line exterior package comes standard, seamlessly merging form and function by reducing air resistance and providing an impressive range of up to 549 km under the Worldwide Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) cycle.

The Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 SUV is a testament to AMG’s performance tuning. It boasts a whopping 476 horsepower, offering a thrilling 0–100 acceleration in just 4.3 seconds. Adorned with hallmark AMG design elements, this model promises an exhilarating drive.       

However, it’s the EQS 450 SUV that has likely sparked the most anticipation among Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. This seven-seater SUV offers the ultimate in luxury with air suspension as standard, while the groundbreaking inclusion of the gigantic Hyperscreen display adds an element of futurism that could render its pricing fiercely competitive.





Pre-sale Price (Unit: NTD)

3.79 M

4.96 M

6.08 M

Under the hood, Mercedes’ commitment to the EV revolution runs deep, with considerable investments in the unseen yet vital areas of battery technology, information systems, electronic control systems, and advanced connectivity features. As revealed in our previous tests, Mercedes’ MBUX voice recognition capability, although not flawless, outshines most competitors and even outperforms home-based systems like Siri.

However, these enhancements do come with additional costs. Consequently, Mercedes-Benz is channelling efforts into crafting an even more luxurious and comfortable interior, seeking to elevate the passenger experience and create distinct customer value. Whether these bold strides will resonate with Taiwan’s discerning luxury car owners will be revealed in this year’s sales figure.    

 (Image Source: Mercedes-Benz)

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