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Sunwell Power Achieves Successful Development of Heterojunction Copper Interconnects; Aiko Explores Bifacial ABC Cells Business Expansion

published: 2023-07-04 17:21

The development of new cell technologies has recently gained significant momentum. One notable achievement is the industrialization of HJT copper plating technology. According to the latest news from Sunwell Power, they have successfully achieved the world’s first HJT copper interconnects. The production line is scheduled to be delivered in February 2022, and the entire equipment set is currently running smoothly and has received positive feedback from customers. This successful transformation of the HJT low-cost copper process solution from the laboratory to industrialization marks a significant milestone. Previously, Maxwell and SunDrive achieved an efficiency breakthrough of 26.6% in cells by combining HJT with the copper plating process, instilling confidence in the further development of HJT copper plating technology. The high cost of metallization has been a crucial factor limiting the large-scale industrialization of HJT cells. However, efforts are being made to accelerate the adoption of 0BB technology, which involves silver-coated copper that can reduce silver consumption in HJT metallization. Furthermore, the acceptance of the low-cost HJT copper process will greatly enhance the competitiveness and progress of HJT products in terms of industrialization. Additionally, if the economics of HJT silver consumption and downstream power plants show positive development, it is expected that HJT production capacity will improve.

Furthermore, the technology of ABC cells will undergo further upgrades. Aiko recently announced its plans to enhance the technology of the Yiwu 15GW cell project, aiming to produce a new generation of N-type bifacial ABC cells with world-leading cell conversion efficiency. These ABC cells boast an average mass production efficiency exceeding 26.5% and deliverable module efficiency of approximately 24%. With their sophisticated technologies and high conversion efficiency, ABC cells possess outstanding competitive advantages in the market.

ABC cells find major application in high-end residential, commercial, industrial, and large ground power plant scenarios, serving as significant components in these settings. By leveraging bifacial technology, it is anticipated that ABC cells can further expand their presence in ground power plants and other scenarios. Currently, various new cell technologies are vying for market dominance, with TOPCon gradually reaping the benefits of its upgrades. HJT and XBC cell technologies, on the other hand, hold the potential to drive cost reduction and marketization. If the economic viability of a particular cell technology exceeds expectations, it is expected to fuel a rapid increase in its market share.


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