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Wind and PV Energy Storage: Scheduling Production Increased Significantly month-on-month in August; The Medium-term Solar and Energy Storage Parity Drives the Growth Rate Up

published: 2023-08-02 14:44

Regarding the PV side, we have observed that in August, the scheduling production of modules is expected to rise by approximately 15% compared to the previous month. Leading film companies, on the other hand, are projected to experience an even more substantial increase of over 20% in their scheduling production. Since mid-July, small film plants have been planning to increase prices, and this trend has gained momentum as more companies have decided to follow suit this week. This week, TCL Central updated its wafer prices: 182mm and 210mm P-type wafers are priced at 2.95 yuan/pcs and 3.95 yuan/pcs, respectively, reflecting the growing demand from the downstream scheduling activities.

In terms of module prices, domestic centralized module prices have declined to 1.25-1.35 yuan/W, nearing the cost line for some enterprises. Consequently, there is limited room for further price declines. It is believed that in 2024, integrated profits will be maintained at 1.1-1.3 cents/W. Looking ahead, the solar and energy storage parity era is approaching, leading to an expected increase in the industry’s medium-term growth rate. As for wind power, the sector experienced some challenges in Q2 due to operational and delivery issues, leading to weaker sentiment. However, the second half of the year is expected to bring more catalysts, with the industry entering its peak season in Q3. The industrial chain is projected to witness increased profits and output, and this development deserves attention. Overall, there remains optimism about the wind power sector. Regarding energy storage, Q3 is considered a critical window for intensive implementation of catalysis. Moreover, it represents the peak season for domestic bidding of large-size energy storage projects. The United States’ grid connection volume is expected to increase after the implementation of the ITC policy, while the de-stocking process of European household storage will conclude after two quarters.

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