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New Energy Vehicles: Expected to Reach the Bottom; Seeking New Technologies and Other Catalysts for Growth

published: 2023-08-02 14:45

The anticipated bottom of the lithium plate market has now taken shape and stabilized. Several factors have contributed to this situation. Firstly, the customer demand for new energy vehicles and energy storage remains robust. Secondly, the profits of the industrial chain have experienced a decline, falling below the reasonable range. Additionally, the industry’s production expansion has slowed down, suggesting an approaching second-order inflection point. With the consolidated bottom established, upward catalysts are expected to arise from flexible expectations in 2024, while the market is simultaneously forming its main lines. Among the key developments are advancements in new technologies. Companies like Dynanomic, Yuneng Energy and PTL have introduced lithium manganese iron and composite collectors, respectively. Furthermore, more companies are anticipated to develop new technologies, such as fast charging and the 4680 series, promising further progress and growth in the industry.

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