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Overview of The Domestic PV Module Market

published: 2024-03-12 15:24

Power of Different Types’ Module

In 2023, there was little demand for multi-Si products, and the power basically remained at last year's level, with the power of conventional polycrystalline black silicon modules being about 355W, PERC polycrystalline black silicon modules being about 425W, and PERC ingot mono modules being about 450W. The module power of 72 PERC mono cells with 166mm size reacheed 460W. The module power of 72 PERC mono cells with 182mm size reaches 555W. The module power of 210mm 66 PERC mono cells reached 665W. The 182mm size 72 TOPCon cell modules reaches 580W. The power of 66 HJT cell modules with 210mm size reaches 710W.

Chart: Power trends of different types of modules from 2023 to 2030

Note: 1. These indicators are based on single-glass and single-sided modules using 11BB PERC cells and 16BB TOPCon cells, and bifacial modules are the positive power.

2. P-type PERC mono modules (210mm) and hjt modules (210mm) are based on 66 pieces, and other modules are based on 72 pieces.

3. Unless otherwise specified, all are based on 182mm size cell. 

4. The above components are all in half-chip packaging.

Market Share of Facial and Bifacial Module

In 2023, with the recognition of the power generation gain of bifacial modules by downstream, the bifacial module market  accounted for 67%, with a lot of growth. Bifacial modules far surpassed that of monofacial modules and have became the mainstream of the market. Affected by market demand factors, the market share of monofacial and bifacial modules will stabilize in the future.

Chart: Trend of monofacial and bifacial module market share from 2023 to 2030
Market share of full cell, half-cut cell and multi-sliced modules

In 2023, the market share of half-cut modules was 97.1%, the market for multi-sliced modules accounted for 2%, and the market share for full cell modules was 0.9%. It is expected that half-cut cell modules will continue to occupy the majority of the market share in the future, and full-cell modules will gradually fade out of the market due to the module packaging method of half-cut cell or smaller cells to increase module power.

Chart: 2023-2030 market share trend of full cell, half-cut cell and multi-slice modules

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