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Trina Solar will supply 135MW modules for the Merak 1 project in South Africa

published: 2024-03-18 15:30

Trina Solar signed an agreement in Johannesburg, South Africa. According to the agreemen, Trina Solar will provide 135MW Vertex 670W bifacial modules for the Merak 1 project. The project will be put into operation by the end of 2024, which will be an important milestone in South Africa's renewable energy.

Merak 1 project is being built by South African ground-mounted power company SOLA and EPC company WBHO Construction, with all modules supplied by Trina Solar.

South Africa's coal-dominated power system is facing rapid transformation. Clean and renewable solar energy will become an important point for the transformation of South Africa's power system. The Vertex 670W bifacial modules used in the Merak 1 project are the flagship products of Trina Solar with PERC technology. The product not only have the core advantages of high power, high efficiency, high reliability, high power generation and low LCOE, but also generate electricity from the back of the module. In addition, the modules have obtained LCA and product carbon footprint certifications, providing end-users with more green and clean electricity and helping them reduce their carbon footprint with industry-leading carbon footprint performance.

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