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Spain's Large-Scale PV Market Sees Solar Modules Selling at €0.10/W

published: 2024-05-09 10:55

Spanish developer Solaria has announced its recent acquisition of 435 MW worth of solar modules from an undisclosed supplier, securing them at a rate of €0.917 ($0.99) per watt. This strategic move underscores Solaria's commitment to advancing solar energy infrastructure. According to Kiwa PI Berlin, the average price for solar modules in Spain's large-scale photovoltaic projects has reached approximately €0.10 per watt, reflecting the growing momentum towards sustainable energy solutions in the region.

Spanish solar project developer Solaria Energía has made a significant investment by acquiring 435 MW of photovoltaic modules for its ambitious 700 MW Garoña solar complex in Spain. The modules were procured at a rate of €0.917 per watt from a reputable manufacturer, whose identity remains undisclosed. This move underlines Solaria Energía’s commitment to advancing renewable energy infrastructure in the region.

The company hailed the recent procurement as its most advantageous yet, marking a milestone in its history. According to a statement released by the company, the purchase price signifies a remarkable 2.15% enhancement compared to its previous acquisition in December 2023. Moreover, it reflects an impressive 71% decrease when juxtaposed with prices from 2022.

According to a spokesperson from Solaria, the purchase operates under the incoterm FOB (Free on Board), which denotes a transaction where the seller bears the responsibility of delivering the goods to the designated port of shipment and loading them onto the vessel for exportation.

Asier Ukar, the director of consultancy Kiwa PI Berlin in Spain, explained to pv magazine that opting for the Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) incoterm entails an additional cost of at least €0.01 per watt for transportation expenses.

In the context of the Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) incoterm, all obligations and expenses related to the transportation of goods are borne by the seller. This encompasses import duties, taxes, and any other associated fees until the goods are fully delivered to the destination specified by the buyer. Ukar noted that a developer, whose identity remains undisclosed, recently acquired 660 W panels for a utility-scale plant at a rate of €0.114 per watt, inclusive of delivery to the site.

From PV Magazine

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