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Swiss Federal Council rejects policy support for local PV manufacturing

published: 2024-06-12 17:59

According to a report published by the Swiss Federal Council on June 7, 2024, the Council rejected industrial policy measures to support or develop the country's solar photovoltaic industry chain.

The report acknowledged that the global photovoltaic market is heavily dependent on the Chinese supply chain, especially in Europe, and Switzerland also imports a large part of Chinese modules. In 2023, European photovoltaic module prices fell to a historic low of $0.15/W, while the manufacturing cost of local modules in Europe reached $0.30/W.

The report concluded: "The expansion of the Swiss photovoltaic industry currently benefits from low prices, which are triggered by oversupply in the European market. In such an environment, it would be very expensive for Switzerland to provide subsidies to establish and expand its own photovoltaic module production. At the same time, since Swiss photovoltaic module producers will rely on raw materials from abroad, it is impossible to significantly reduce their dependence on raw materials."

The Federal Council believes that foreign subsidy measures have limited impact on Switzerland as a business location. Therefore, Switzerland should not take any industrial policy measures to support the development of local photovoltaic manufacturing.


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