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Yunnan's first 5GW HJT solar cell manufacturing plant completed

published: 2024-06-12 17:59

On June 6, the first 5GW high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell manufacturing plant in Yunnan constructed by China Construction Engineering Corporation (CECC) Yunnan Branch - Huasun Dali High-Efficiency Heterojunction Cells and Modules Intelligent Manufacturing Project (Phase I) - was completed to meet the conditions for normal operation of equipment and facilities, and to realize the goal of building a complete production chain cluster. The photovoltaic cells it produces have filled the blank of high-efficiency photovoltaic cell manufacturing in Yunnan Province.

As the first 5 GW high-efficiency heterojunction cell and module intelligent manufacturing key project in Yunnan Province, Huasun Dali High-Efficiency Heterojunction Cell and Module Intelligent Manufacturing Project has a total construction area of 151,800 square meters, with a total of 19 single units such as 2.5 GW cell plant, 2.5 GW module plant, and module finished product warehouse. Put into production, the production of “HJT” cell single piece conversion rate of 25.69%. It is of great significance to accelerate the promotion of the silicon photovoltaic industry in Dali Prefecture from the construction of the chain to the extension of the chain to supplement the chain of strong chain construction, and provide a strong impetus for the green transformation of economic and social development, which fully reflects the effectiveness of the new quality of productivity.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/3arede6nLZ1Pv8g_SGHOmA

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