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Spain has 7.2GW of PV projects approved by 2024

published: 2024-07-09 17:35

According to a survey report recently released by the Foro Sella Renewable Energy Observatory, the Spanish government has approved the development of 7.2GW of photovoltaic projects so far in 2024, with 3.1GW approved in the second quarter alone. In the second quarter of this year, 46 renewable energy project plans with a total installed capacity of 35,265MW were approved in Spain.

Among these approved renewable energy projects, photovoltaic systems dominated, with 3,155.8 MW approved, while wind power facilities accounted for only 390.7 MW. Castile and León led with 1,336.3 MW of renewable energy projects approved, followed by Andalusia with 864.8 MW and Castile-La Mancha with 391.3 MW. It is worth noting that there are still nine regions in Spain that have no projects approved.

The capacity of renewable energy power generation facilities approved for development so far this year has reached 9,482MW, of which photovoltaic systems account for 7,109MW and wind power generation facilities account for 2,373MW.

Spanish authorities issued a positive environmental impact report (EIA) in the second quarter of this year for a 19.3MW PV project in the Valencia Community. In addition, seven renewable energy projects totaling 717MW received negative EIAs, while the impact on wind power projects (398.6MW) exceeded that on PV (318.5MW).

In the second quarter of 2024, 42 renewable energy projects with a total installed capacity of 4,864.5MW entered the public information stage. Three-quarters of the installed capacity came from photovoltaic power stations (3,649.7MW), 22% from wind power facilities (1,070.8MW), and 3% for hydropower facilities (144MW).


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