Samsung SDI to Initiate Pilot Production for LFP and Type-4680 Batteries

published: 2023-07-10 9:30
Major South Korean battery manufacturer Samsung SDI has been mainly focused on the ternary and quaternary technologies. Recently, however, it has become increasingly interested in developing offerings based on the LFP technology that provides a significant cost advantage and a massive market potential. ...  more

Slight Adjustment in Process with Identical Materials Prompted More Effective Electrolytes for Solid-State Battery

published: 2023-07-07 9:30
An entire differently result becomes possible by adopting an alternative production method using the same materials. US scientists, after slightly adjusting the production method of solid-state li-ion batteries, had altered the initial flaws of battery electrolytes, in the hope of building safer and more efficient solid-state battery technology. ...  more

Energy Storage Demand Soars, Industry Chain Matures

published: 2023-07-05 18:12
The demand for installed energy storage is experiencing a significant boom, leading to a maturation of the industry chain. Energy storage systems serve as the “reservoir” for a new type of power system. These systems enable the tr...  more

PV Glass Prices Remain Stable Amid Inventory Challenges

published: 2023-07-05 18:10
The high inventory levels pose a challenge to the de-stocking efforts, resulting in difficulties for photovoltaic glass prices to rebound. Currently, PV glass prices have stabilized, and discounts are being offered for bulk purcha...  more