Recuperating Demand and Price Uplift Market Sentiment in April

published: 2017-04-06 15:20 | editor: | category: Price Trend

The recent dynamic of the solar power market reflects a recovering demand, yet this week prices in different sectors of the supply chain witness different changes. The price of polysilicon continued last week’s pattern- light trading due to quotations not being made public- and it slid by 4%, compared with that of last week, at the range of RMB 112-115/kg. Whereas, as there shows a sign of increasing orders from end customers, that should slow down the price decline.

It is a seemingly good sign that the market sentiment is buoyed by the recuperating demand; however, in the PV cell market, the price is yet to be made public though the supply is ready. The price of PV cell of this week still slightly slides; the price in the Chinese market decreases by RMB 0.05/w, leading the average price to drop off from US$ 0.20 to USD$ 0.196.

The upstream multi-si wafer industry pretty much witnesses similar price change. This week, the average prices of ultra-high-efficiency and high-efficiency multi-si wafer come at US$ 0.59/ pc and US$ 0.58/ pc respectively. In April, major multi-si wafer manufacturers operate with full capacity for the significant number of orders received, while a part of manufacturers still struggle clearing their stocks. The price of silicon wafer does not seem likely to bounce back until silicon wafer suppliers clear their stocks and the demand grows stronger.

Mono-si wafer wise, as the supply of mono-si wafer still stays tightened and the prices of silicon wafer and pv cell remain unchanged, its price in April is projected to plateau. Still, the price will be likely to go up if the demand increases.

A new wave of strong demand at the end of Q2, namely 630 demand momentum, will slowly heat up the demand. Therefore, despite no sign of recovery, the slump of the prices of mono-si and multi-si modules stopped. The market is recouping, but the mood would possibly stay reserved until the end of April, or even May.

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