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PV Market Bounces Back; Price in Each Sector Will Start Increasing in April: Price Trend

published: 2018-03-29 17:39

This week, price trend became stable. Both polysilicon and PV cell quotes bounced back; owing to inventory digestion and market share competition for mono-si and multi-si wafer manufacturers, si-wafer price slightly declined. Yet, it is expected to be the last decrease before June 30. With the approach of demand for the 630 installation rush, the entire supply chain bounced back starting from the tier-one companies.


Under the effect of short supply of polysilicon for mono-si, polysilicon quote this week increased. Only a few manufacturers had materials priced below RMB 120/kg. The main price was RMB 120-125/kg. The quote of polysilicon for mono-si reached RMB 130/kg. Because downstream si-wafer price didn’t begin to rise and was still on the stage of inventory digestion and market share competition, the speed of increase for polysilicon price was restricted. Polysilicon price is expected to grow slightly until April. At the end of April, after the end market starts generating demand, the speed will turn faster.


Multi-si wafer manufacturers are still actively digesting their inventory. The cheaper prices were offered to the clients who purchased in larger quantities. Thus, the entire strike price went down slightly. Yet, with the faster speed of inventory digestion, the possibility of price reduction will drop. In terms of mono-si, although the inventory level was low, price this week slightly dropped in order to compete against multi-si wafer.

Overall, si-wafer price has become stable. The speed of inventory digestion was getting faster. Quote this week is the lowest before June 30 and is expected to continue until the end of April. Afterwards, price will hike along with polysilicon.

PV cell

This week, multi-si PV cell price slightly rebounded. Besides India’s increasing demand after the withdrawal of its anti-dumping petition, the main reason is the demand from Europe and Chinafor high-performance multi-si. The rising demand for high-performance multi-si products on the market obviously increased the demand for black silicon, boosting black silicon development for manufacturers. Black silicon is expected to become the market standard in 3Q18. This week, over 18.6% high-performance multi-si PV cell price was RMB 1.37-1.42/W.


Due to the bidding procedure on Chinese market and the rebound of overseas market, module price was steady. Yet, because of the oversupply for the general PV cell, price of low-priced module may drop again.


1. Due to system maintenance, the information of RMB quote on March 28 will not be released until 9 p.m (Taipei/Beijing time). We apologize for the inconvenience.

2. For next Wednesday (April 4), the price quotes will not be released owing to the holidays. It will be announced on April 11.

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