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Polysilicon Price Rises Slightly, While Inventory Levels Continue to Be Revised Downwards across the Supply Chain: Price Trend

published: 2018-04-12 15:50

Besides upstream polysilicon price, which has started to change, prices for the rest of the supply chain remained at the same level this week. However, the market has begun to see stock-up orders, reflected in the atmosphere of inventory digestion. With the second season of high installed capacity, the stock-up activity is set to strengthen, and price movements across the supply chain will continue to rise due to the reduction of inventory levels.


Under the effect of short supply of polysilicon for mono-si, polysilicon quote this week slightly increased. The main price of compact material was above RMB 120/kg. The average transaction price fell within RMB 122-128/kg. The quote of mono-si material was above RMB 130/kg.


Currently, multi-si wafer price is flat. The main reason is inventory digestion. Besides, the stock-up activity from the end market hasn’t affected si-wafer section. Thus, there hasn’t been a significant increase in demand. In terms of mono-si wafer, the demand outstripped supply, mainly due to a shortage of inventory. This has also led to the slight increase for a few transaction prices. The quote in the end of the month may affect the change of prices for mono-si and multi-si wafer.

PV cell

Multi-si PV cell price increased slightly this week, mainly owing to the dissolution of India’s anti-dumping petition and poverty reduction program in China. The demand for mono-si PV cell remained stable for overseas markets such as Europe, Australia and China. Besides, because the market demand hasn’t been fully activated, the entire price became flat or decreased slightly.


The module inventories in Chinese market started to fall, especially for low-efficiency modules used in poverty reduction programs. Smaller plants are returning to normal production operations. The current module price tends to stabilize. Once the inventory level is insufficient, the overall supply and demand situation will change.

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