Report on 3rd China International Solar in Nanjing, China

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3rd China International Solar was held on April 12-13 in Nanjing Jingling Convention Center, featuring the theme “New Technology, New Material, New Equipment, New Process”, concurrently with the award ceremony of Top 10s of the PV industry including top 10 PV brands, top 10 technology innovations, and top 10 celebrities and top 10 PV applications. EnergyTrend was especially invited to attend this important foum of Chinese PV industry.

(Panel Discussion, Photo Credit: EnergyTrend)

The forum covers a wide range of topics including the PV market, policies and standards, BIPV, LSPV technology, inverter and system integration, CPV, new cell technology and processing. Various enterprises, research institutions and academics along with government officials attended this important event where insightful news about macroeconomics, new technology, and market trend was discussed.

(Funnel Shaped Concentrator, Photo Credit: EnergyTrend)

There are four main topic areas addressing current solar market status, new solar cell technology and processing, LSPV technology and technology consultation.

During the morning session, Chinese Renewable Energy Society, Zhou Yu-Wen, Deputy Director-general of Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, Wei Qi-Dong, Secretary-general of Jiangsu PV Industry Association all made speeches about the current Chinese PV market, future trend, and development prospects of solar industry in Jiangsu province.

Zhou Yu-Wen pointed out that the nuclear crisis in Fukushima raised global concerns about safety of worldwide nuclear power plants. Solar power can be an ideal and reliable source of alternative energy. China is now the largest manufacturer of solar cells, producing 40,000 tons of polysilicon cells in 2010 along, accounting for quarter of total global output while producing 8GWP of solar cells, accounting for half of total global output.

As Chinese solar industry develops, more and more companies entered this fast growing market. Joining the latter sessions, representatives from companies such as Suntech, Astronergy, Sungrow, and ENN Solar discussed in detail about how to optimize product structure, lower the manufacturing costs, increase efficiency, stimulate new industry expansion and investment opportunities.

Various industry leaders as well as participants from the academic and research circles also shared their respective expertise including 2mm reinforced glass, PV glass structure, new solar cell technology and processing, engineering education, and latest research on solar cells by New South Wales of Australia which covers the multi-dimensional development of solar cell technology and PV science technology and the formation and control of poly ingot defects. In addition, Professor Chen Ying-Tian from Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave an insightful view on CPV development.

(Richard Corkish, Head of School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of New South Wales, Photo Credit: EnergyTrend)

(Professor Chen Ying-Tian from Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Photo Credit: EnergyTrend)

Solar power stations were a focus of the forum too. According to IMS, the global PV installation may exceed 40GW in 2015 while European market will remain the largest market before then. In addition, China, Australia, Japan and India were the major markets in Asia.




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