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SNEC EXPO- Eye Catching Designs and Enlightening Forums

published: 2013-05-28 18:03

The 2013 SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Conference and Exhibition was held this year at the Shanghai New International Expo Center with over 1,800 international enterprises in attendance. The expo showcased PV power production equipment, solar power batteries and components, raw materials, PV application products, BIPV system engineering, and more.

SNEC Opening Ceremonies


This years expo was a good opportunity for numerous market-seeking solar energy manufacturers, and where manufacturers could compete with one another using eye-catching exhibits showcasing their new technology and products. Among these manufacturers, Yingli Solar has had the most exposure through their sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, producing an entrancing advertisement for the soccer match. However, even with this exposure, Yingli Solar like other exhibits this year, only a small number of visitors. Other manufacturers in this year expo that had unique displays and abundant designs included GCL, Hanwha, Jinglong, Jinko Solar, the Tongwei Group, JNJ Optoelectronics, BYD Company, Hanergy, and many more.
Many manufacturers used the expo as a platform to launch their new products. Omnik New Energy released their newly designed power inverter. Phoebus Solar exhibited their new series of products that included the first ever inverter with dual direction storage capacity, a small three phase solar inverter, and an inverter with an internet monitoring system. Gintech Energy Corporation showcased their high efficiency Diamond Series cells. Other companies that launched their new products during the expo were Tianwei New Energy, Yingli, JA Solar, Canadian Solar and GPPV who exhibited their new MWT solar cells.

Visitors around the Yingli Exhibit



QS Solar


On the 13th of May, APVIA day, both the Solar Leader Dialogue and Trilateral Dialogue of PV Industry Leaders (CEO) from Europe, Asia, and North America was held. The focus of the dialogue was on suitable government policies that could amend the influence the North American and European markets have on the Europe, Asia, and North American solar industry, as well as prospective opportunities that can be taken during the current challenges faced by the industry.

 Solar Leader’s Dialogue

The opening ceremony and keynote speech for the APVIA council commenced on May 14th, with a focus on Global PV market, film technology, and methods to improve the current market situation.

The 15th was the busiest day out of the expo with close to 10 different forums all convening. Some of the most notable were the Scientific Conference, Global PV Financial Summit, PV Technology and Distributed Generation Market Strategy Forum, PV Manufacturing Technology Forum, as well as side events like the Chinese and German Solar Industry Cooperation Seminar and the Chinese PV Expansion Conference. EnergyTrend’s leading analysis for Solar Energy Jason Huang received an invite to give a talk on the market strategies for the Asia Pacific Zone. The 16th saw a continuation of the Scientific Conference and Cutting Edge Manufacturing Technology Forum.

Although the expo out does itself year after year in dazzling designs, exceedingly informative forums, and over 1800 participating industries filling the expo center from one side to the other, with the current state of the economy, the number of attendants to this years expo is no where close to that of last years. The Yingli and JA Solar exhibition hall and CEO forum had the largest concentration of attendees.

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