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Dubai set to undergo a major facelift

published: 2015-02-05 16:46

Retrofitting of existing buildings is widely recognised as a key step in the sustainable development of a nation’s economy. Currently, WITH energy usage in buildings accounts for almost 40% of consumption worldwide and global warming a concern for all of the world’s leaders, the need to dramatically reduce this figure is critical.

Whilst newer and more modern buildings are being equipped with energy saving systems & technologies, there remains a huge opportunity to dramatically reduce energy usage by modifying what has already been constructed.

Today the expertise and technologies exist to bring the planet’s built environment to a greener and sustainable standard.  Once fitted, these mechanisms can significantly reduce a building’s electricity and water usage, making a huge impact to a country's overall energy output.

Dubai at the forefront of change

The Dubai Government – through the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy - has a stated goal to reduce energy demand by 30% by 2030 and in 2014 finalised plans for its new Demand Side Management Strategy (DSM).  This long term, multi-faceted initiative aims to position Dubai as a model for safe and effective energy use.

The plan outlines the retrofitting of existing buildings as one of its key strategies and plans to start work on 100,000 buildings are set to commence later this year.

During the first phase of the project, 30,000 buildings will be retrofitted with green technologies at a cost of 2 billion dirhams ($544.5 million), to be funded in partnership with the private sector.


The environmental, social and economic benefits of these renovations are potentially astounding to all stakeholders. Building and home owners in particular stand to reap significant financial benefits through lower electricity bills and building maintenance costs once they are retrofitted with green technologies.

Retrofitting around the Globe:

The Empire State Building recently received an ecofriendly makeover, which will reduce energy costs by $4.4 million a year

RetrofitTech Conference Dubai

Being held from 16-17 March 2015, the RetrofitTech Conference Dubai will be exploring the key opportunities in Dubai’s emerging retrofit market, as well as discussing the challenges in achieving optimum energy efficiency and sustainability in Dubai’s existing buildings.

This unique and timely Conference will focus on several key aspects of the energy and environment industry, including Renewable Energy, Central Air Conditioning, Energy Efficient Lighting Systems, Smart CO2 sensors, Sustainable Materials, Thermal Insulation and Eco-Friendly Paints.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Presenting at the event will be the Senior Manager of Projects and Building Development at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Led by his vision and eye for energy saving opportunities, over the past decade Jagath Gunawardena has transformed the offices of Dubai Chamber into one of the greenest buildings in the region, and only one in the region to receive LEED platinum status.

Jagath Gunawardena will be conducting a case study demonstrating the multiple sustainable strategies employed by him and his team at the Dubai Chamber.

The RetrofitTech Conference Dubai is being organized by Advanced Conferences & Meetings (ACM) and will provide a platform for manufacturers, materials suppliers and solution providers to showcase their expertise, products and services, whilst consultants, contractors and engineers exchange best practice and plan for future retrofit requirements.

For further information about the conference, please visit www.retrofittechdubai.com

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