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The Press Conference of PV Guangzhou 2015 Held Successfully

published: 2015-06-23 18:02

The press conference of the 7th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition(PV Guangzhou) was successful held at Grand Royal Hotel on June 10th.The Conference was fascinating! Wang Zhaoyun, the president of Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, delivered a speech during the conference. Alongside that Cheng Yaoyu, the president of Hanergy in Southern China and Zhuang Dongning, the general manager of Solar Naturally, both gave wonderful speeches with the topic of Thinfilm Solar Power Generation Generates Business Opportunity and The No.1 Brand of Rooftop Solar Power Station in Guangdong Province respectively. After the conference, industry insiders were invited to evening banquet and they all had wonderful time to exchange ideas and strengthen communication.

"we are truly appreciated everyone's support and help." Wang Zhaoyun, president of Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, said:"PV Guangzhou 2015 is an open business platform. To make China's solar photovoltaic industry reach a new level with our joint effort, we hold the press conference again. Finally, I wish this exhibition a great success."

Ms. Xiao, who is the project manager of PV Guangzhou, said confidently that a possesses 65% photovoltaic yield and 60% market share in global market. Currently, many advantages are good for PV industry's development such as worldwide increasing demand, price to remain stable,etc. We are committed to building an excellent platform that the 7th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition, which will be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex (Area A) on August 18-20, for insiders to exchange information. The information Ms. Xiao mentioned above sounds exciting, which shows the market are developing better.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cheng pointed out three advantages of Hanerey's thin-film. First is flexible. The thin-film can be made into any shape and widely used in roof, hood, street lamp, car, agriculture,etc. Second is color changeable. The film can adjust to seven color. Third is Low-light performance. Electricity also can be generated in the low light condition. Taking the headquarter of Hanerey for instance, it's applied the thin-film and the electricity is generated for 12 hours in a day from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. The high quality products of Hanerey must impress everyone deeply when they are to display in PV Guangzhou 2015.

Zhuang Dongning, general manager of Solar Naturally, said: "As a foreign capital company from Australia, we can build a high efficiency photovoltaic power plant by taking advantages of our rich experience and professional technologies." Zhuang explained that smart photovoltaic power generation is an emerging way of power generation. We can build our small power stations in places with sunshine. Even on rainy days or at nights, you can also use the electricity as usual. Because the stations have been grid-tied with China Southern Power Grid. It will supply electricity when the stations cannot generate enough to meet the demand. Meanwhile, the extra electricity can be sold to China Southern Power Grid and every kilowatt hour values 1-odd RMB plus subsidy.

Besides famous companies like Hanerey, many media were present on the press conference including GDTV, Tencent, NEFA, Modern Energy (International) Pty Ltd and ShenZhen Solar Energy Society. At the end of the conference, Ms. Xiao expressed her deepest appreciation to all the support persons and her faith for better organization next time.

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