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More than USD 300 billion will be invested in GCC water and desalination projects

published: 2015-06-29 17:25

Water sustainability has never been more important for the Middle East, according to regional policymakers, scientists, and business leaders.

The Gulf is one of the most water scarce regions in the world, yet represents countries that stand among those with the highest per capita consumption and fastest growing populations.

Although desalination has started to bridge the gap between supply and demand, groundwater continues to be the main source and is being extracted at alarming rates, growing by more than 10 per cent every year.

GCC countries are expected to make significant investments to quickly ramp-up the region’s water infrastructure. The region accounts for nearly 60 percent of the global desalination capacity, with ambitious plans to increase volume through advances in technology. Spurred by a buoyant economy and population growth, more than USD 300 billion will be invested in GCC water and desalination projects between 2012 and 2022, according to a 2012 report by the management consulting and consumer research firm Ventures Middle East.

Joint efforts from the best and brightest minds in the industry are crucial to developing sustainable solutions that meet future demand and preserve resources for the coming generations.

The International Water Summit (IWS) is the ideal platform for collaboration and business opportunities. 

IWS 2016 will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre 18-21 January 2016.

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