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Scorpius Trackers Aiming 2GW of Annual Shipment: SNEC 2016

published: 2016-06-04 16:17

The global demand for solar PV systems has been growing, and PV vendors continue to launch high P/C value products that can improve power efficiency. Recently, solar tracking system has been catching the market’s eye as a high performance solution. At SNEC 2016, many companies showcased solar tracking solutions. At the exhibition, Scorpius Trackers Pvt Ltd., an Indian company that provides single-axis solar tracking solution, showcased its featured product that can function for up to 25 years without any maintenance.

Shailesh Vaidya, chief executive officer of Scorpius Trackers, explained to EnergyTrend that the solar tracking system’s structure is patented. Meanwhile, the power required to operate a whole row of modules can be supplied by power generation from only one PV module, making the system be energy independent. It can also function for up to 25 years maintenance free and does not require cleaning or having machine oil added when it is in operation. Scorpius Trackers uses monitoring equipment to remotely monitor power plants in real time located far afield – such as in Uganda.

Scorpius Trackers has participated in the SNEC tradeshow for many years. The company is ready to enter China this year because it feels the market is sufficiently mature. Vaidya noted that the company provided about 70MW of solar trackers last year, and aims to deliver 500MW this year. In the future, the shipment target is as high as 2GW. Vaidya believes the China market has unlimited potential. Scorpius Trackers will target projects that are 20MW and above. It will reduce unit costs by increasing the quantity of installations.

So why choose to develop single-axis instead of dual-axis solution? Vaidya said that the structure of dual-axis solar trackers is more complicated and the mounting-systems are heavier. Dual-axis systems are also more expensive and susceptible to damage. Thus the company decided to focus on single-axis systems as their main product.

Scorpius Trackers has solar tracking system patents and mechanical expertise. The company is seeking EPC partners worldwide to help it expand in the global market. In addition to its work in India, Scorpius Trackers has completed many projects with global partners in Japan, Africa and the Americas. This year, Scorpius Trackers will expand to the Chinese market by seeking exclusive EPC partners and also try to build up its presence in Southeast Asia and other markets.

In the future, Scorpius Trackers expects to have the most projects in India. China or the United States will be its second largest market. Vaidya emphasized that the solar tracking system market is still expanding. With up to 25 years of maintenance-free performance, Scorpius Trackers’ systems should be a top choice.

(Photo: Shailesh Vaidya taken at SNEC 2016)

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