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Heraeus Opens R&D Center in Shanghai to Strengthen Local Service in China

published: 2016-06-04 17:02

After years of cultivating the China PV market, Heraeus has become one of the most important conductive paste suppliers that can help increase PV cell’s conversion efficiency to 21.7%. To expand its range of local service, Heraeus announced the opening of APAC Technology Development Center (APAC TDC) in Shanghai at SNEC 2016 exhibition. The APAC TDC will serve to strengthen client relations and promote high-performance solutions. 

Two new pastes for PERC cells

At the SNEC 2016 exhibition, Heraeus launched two new PERC metallization pastes: low-temperature front-side paste, SOL9631, and low-activity back-side silver tabbing paste, SOL326. These two pastes not only can increase the PERC cells’ conversion rate by 0.2%, they also help reduce LID problems and improve photovoltaic module performance.

To learn the secret of the new PERC pastes, EnergyTrend interviewed the president of Heraeus Photovoltaics’ Global Business Unit, Mr. Andreas Liebheit.

“SOL 9631 is the optimization of the existing product and SOL326 represents technological improvement,” said Liebheit. “There is a brand-new Heraeus glass chemistry added into the SOL326 paste.” The unique glass chemistry can help optimize the electron transmitting effect by balancing contact and Voc issues. The PERC cell’s power performance can therefore be improved. Conversion efficiency of monocrystalline PERC cells using the new metallization pastes will reach 21.5%, and power output of 60-cell module can further reach 305W.

Liebheit noted that this improvement has resulted from the close relations between Heraeus and its clients. “We listen to our clients’ suggestions so that we have a deeper understanding of their requirement and need,” he said. Additionally, client feedback on new pastes is good and Heraeus has about 40 clients in China and Taiwan that are considering using the new pastes. 

Local service: APAC Technology Development Center (APAC TDC)

Heraeus pays close attention to client service and the level of attention reflects on the product quantity. Heraeus currently provides more than 300 kinds of pastes in China, including many customized products.

As Liebheit is optimistic about the Chinese market, Heraeus founded the APAC Technology Development Center (APAC TDC) in Shanghai to strengthen client relations and provide Chinese clients with local service. APAC TDC has more than 100 PV experts to respond to market needs promptly.

The APAC Technology Development Center (APAC TDC) will be one of the keys in which Heraeus edges out its competitors. Heraeus’ paste products unit price is high but the quality is stable and the long-term performance is highly reliable, allowing the company’s products to bring better returns from investment in PV projects. Additionally, the products benefit from Heraeus’ vertical integration: For instance, the unique glass chemistry added in SOL326 is produced by the Heraeus Group so the margin of the pastes can be high. Given that Heraeus has built a local supply chain and offers local service, it provides more long-term benefits to its clients than its competitors. Hence, Heraeus’ aims get orders from 10 of the top 30 PV companies in China, revealed by Liebheit to EnergyTrend in an exclusive interview at SNEC 2016.

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