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COMPUTEX 2016, FSP Group Showcases Eco Solutions

published: 2016-06-08 16:58

As a wide range power solution provider, FSP Group showcases their latest wares at Computex 2016, including the Dagger series of SFX power supplies and the Twins Series of ATX power supplies.  FSP has also entered into the energy storage market in recent years and not only developed the EMERGY and ION MATE Series of energy storage systems, but introduced several exclusive energy technologies, such as its Micro Inverter for photovoltaic systems.

The 80 PLUS Gold certified power supplies in the Dagger Series are based on the SFX form factor and specifically design for small computer systems. The Dagger Series comes in 500- and 600-watt models, both of which are capable of supporting high-end graphics card. Due to their size and compact design, Dagger power supplies can be easily installed into a small-size computer case without blocking the cooling fan. At FSP’s booth in Computex, visitors will get to experience a VR device powered by Dagger power supply units.

The compact Dagger SFX power supply snuggles comfortably at the bottom-left corner of the computer case.
Visitors to the FSP booth will get to enjoy a virtual reality experience powered by the Dagger Series.

Intended for home servers, the Twin Series are ATX form-factor power supplies with redundancy capability. As the name suggests, this power supply contains two 500-watt power modules of which one acts as a reserve in case the other malfunctions. The Twin Series features models with ample wattage outputs to sustain server operations. Moreover, switching a new one do not require shutting down the entire server system because the Twin Series allows hot swapping. The Twin Series also comes with a digital display interface that lets users to the monitor operation status of each of the integrated power modules.

The ATX form-factor power supply, the Twins Series, is running smoothly at the bottom-right corner of the computer chassis.
The Twin Series features two integrated power supply modules for powering components residing in ATX computer towers.
The operation of a Twins power supply unit can be monitored via a digital display interface.

Besides power supplies, FSP are also demonstrating their energy storage systems at Computex. Some notable products that FSP has recently developed for the energy storage market include the EMERGY 1000 and 3000 Series which are designed for residential use. These portable power packs are designed like wheeled suitcases and can be charged using mains electricity or photovoltaic systems. The EMERGY 1000 Series is the winner of this year’s Taiwan Excellence Award and features a capacity of 900 Wh. The more heavy-duty EMERGY 3000 Series offers two models with capacities of 2.6 kWh and 1.7 kWh, respectively. The latter model carries a lithium battery capable of 2,000 charging cycles. Additionally, the EMERGY power packs provide reliable silent, fan-less operation and have an average conversion efficiency rate of above 90%.

The EMERGY 1000 Series features a wheeled suitcase design.
The EMERGY 1000 Series in demonstration.
The EMERGY 1000 and 3000 Series are equipped with powerful lithium batteries.

Keenly aware of market trends, FSP also showcases the ION Mate Series, an energy storage solution for home-interconnected smart grid. The capacities available for the ION Mate Series are 6.8 kWh, 10.2 kWh and 13.6 kWh. These energy storage systems moreover feature an advanced battery management system (BMS) that allows the user to remotely collect power consumption data via Wi-Fi. This kind of information can be useful for people who want to cut down their electricity bills.

At Computex, FSP also has an opportunity to demonstrate its proprietary  Micro Inverter for photovoltaic systems. A conventional micro inverter can only convert the direct current generated by one photovoltaic panel. FSP’s design on the other can handle the power from two to four panels, thereby maximizing each panel’s power generation. On average, solar panels that use the FSP Micro Inverter systems will generate 16% more electricity than counterparts using the traditional string inverters.

FSP’s Micro Inverter.

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