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BIG SUN’s iPV Tracker Upgraded Again!

published: 2017-04-25 17:56

Taiwan-based PV solution provider, BIG SUN Group, introduced the new version of its reputable product – iPV Tracker at SNEC 2017 in Shanghai, China. With modification of the solar tracker’s tilt system and combination with bifacial PV modules, iPV Tracker will offer power generation gain of more than 100% compared with conventional fixed racking systems.

Bifacial and glass-to-glass PV modules are highly visible at SNEC 2017, the world’s largest PV tradeshow. At this year’s show, BIG SUN installed six GCL’s half-cut-cell multi-si PV modules and six GCL’s bifacial glass-to-glass modules onto one iPV Tracker as a real demonstration at its booth, claiming that the electricity gain can be further improved with bifacial technology.

To avoid shading on modules’ back side caused by iPV Tracker’s frame, Summer Luo, chairman of BIG SUN Group, who is also the innovator of iPV Tracker, redesigned the panel structure to leave vacant space between solar modules and the frames.

“This is my new design especially for bifacial modules,” stated Luo. “There is a wider space between steel rods and the solar modules in the back side so the shading can be reduced. In addition, the iPV Tracker is tall enough for sunlight to reflect and be absorbed by modules’ back side. These features help improving benefits of bifacial modules.”

iPV Tracker’s tilt system has also been upgraded and has been patented as well. The new structure involves in two adjustments: 1) rearrangement of positions of pulley sets and springs that fix and help tilt iPV Tracker, and 2) extra four flexible steel ropes connecting the dual-axis’s neck and the ground.

New positioning for pulley sets and springs.
extra steel ropes.

The new structure reduces technical requirement for installation as well as time and costs needed for construction while improving the whole structure’s wind persistence capability. Furthermore, the new tilt system can operate more quietly and fluently.

BIG SUN offered a special sale package at SNEC 2017 and received strong feedback. Chang Ping-heng, CEO of Taiwan’s Motech and Chairman of TPVIA, visited BIG SUN’s booth and admired iPV Tracker’s mechanism as well as BIG SUN’s successful business transformation.

Center: Mr. Chang Ping-heng.
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