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SMA China Established and Inverter Portfolio Expanded

published: 2017-04-25 18:53

SMA, the world’s leader of PV inverter solution, has officially renamed its branch in China as “SMA China” this year after completing acquisition of Zeversolar. Its “Design in Germany and production in China” strategy helps expand its inverter portfolio.

SMA displayed a wide category of inverter solutions including kW- to MW-scale, residential use, commercial use, utility-scale use, and on- and off-grid systems at SNEC 2017. Some of the products can be integrated with energy storage systems, module optimizers or monitoring systems, while some are innovative in scale or body design.

Sunny Central 2500EV showcased at the entrance of SMA’s booth is current the industry’s largest single-set inverter. With a capacity of up to 2.5MW, all components are assembled into a single container so it is transportable. Sunny Central 2500 EV features plug-and-use technology and is compatible to 1000/1500V systems.

It requires heat dissipation solution for inverters, especially for a large-scale product such as Sunny Central 2500 EV. SMA integrates a unique heat dissipation technology on it so that this solution can be applicable to large-scale PV power plants around the world.

Sunny Central 2500 EV is one of the most eye-catching display showcased at SMA’s booth in SNEC 2017. Its technological requirement is high so only SMA’s German hub can produce it.

Sunny Tripower Core1, another new solution unveiled at the SNEC 2017 platform, is the industry’s only stand-on inverter. It can be both hanged (conventionally) and vertically stood on the ground. It is easy for installation and will save 60% of installation time, reducing overall costs without compensation for quality. Its 50kW capability makes it suitable for commercial-use PV systems.

SOLID-Q 50/PRO 60 are new launches for the Chinese PV market offered under the concept “German quality and Chinese intelligence production.” They are applicable to PV systems mounted on large-scale rooftop, hills, and applications integrated with fishery and agriculture. From kW-scale to MW-scale, both distributed and centralized PV systems can use these solutions.

SMA believes that China’s residential PV market will boost so it has unveiled a series of inverters with capacity from 1kW to 40kW to cover all potential customers’ various demand. 

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