energy storage

AEG Power Solutions Introduces New Energy Storage System

published 2016 年 06 月 23 日 16:27
AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energy applications, has developed a unique Hybrid Energy Storage System which combines standard b...  more

SolarMax Introduces All-in-One Energy Storage System to US Market

published 2016 年 06 月 14 日 18:37
While some of the industry’s largest solar companies have generated years of buzz over the promise of battery back-up power for the home, SolarMax Technology has become the first to develop and deliver an integrated, all-in-one-so...  more

LG Chem Powers Solar and Storage Systems in the US

published 2016 年 06 月 13 日 16:05
A 7MW/3MWh battery energy system powered by LG Chem batteries has been commissioned for S&C Electric Company, making it one of the largest solar and energy storage systems in the United States. Commercial operation of t...  more

FSP’s Leading Position in Global Energy Storage Market

published 2016 年 06 月 04 日 14:38
FSP Group, a major manufacturer of power supply solutions, is in position to lead the energy storage market with its resources and experiences. “We are a power supply company and we make just about anything to do with power...  more

Energy storage is the backbone of networked energy generation

published 2016 年 06 月 03 日 10:11
ees Europe highlights the potential of virtual power plants The future belongs to smart networks of decentralized energy generation plants: Energy consumption and generation in households, commercial enterprises and industry will ...  more

California Winery Adopts Innovative Solar Plus Storage Microgrid

published 2016 年 05 月 09 日 16:53
A winery in Sonoma, California called Stone Edge Farm is launching an innovative solar plus storage microgrid. The microgrid, which uses solar PV and storage, is designed to provide electricity to a number of buildings on the site...  more