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Insights into the PV Glass Sector: Capacity and Price Trends

published 2024 年 03 月 12 日 15:32
Supply Side: Limited Increment in Q1-2, Concentrated Capacity Release in Q3-4, Estimated New Addition of About 18,000 Tons for the Year The glass capacity in 2021, 2022, and 2023 was 46,000, 81,000, and 105,000 tons, with a year-o...  more

Overview of The Domestic PV Module Market

published 2024 年 03 月 12 日 15:24
Power of Different Types’ Module In 2023, there was little demand for multi-Si products, and the power basically remained at last year's level, with the power of conventional polycrystalline black silicon modules being about 355W,...  more

TrendForce | Market of Advanced PV Technology Report

published 2024 年 02 月 29 日 15:40
Chapter 01 Developments in Polysilicon Technology Trends in Polysilicon Production Capacity Polysilicon Manufacturing Process Progress in Industrial Production of Granular Silicon Chapter 02 Developments in Wafer Technology T...  more

TrendForce | Global PV Industry Supply Database

published 2024 年 02 月 08 日 11:38
Capacity and Output Overview for Various Segments of Industry Chain Capacity and Output Overview for Polysilicon, Wafers, Cells, and Modules Production Capacity Database of Supply Chain Polysilicon Capacity (Total Capacity/Prod...  more