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PV Industry Price Trend: Module Quotations Continue to Decline amidst Unrecovered Demand in Short Term

Polysilicon The polysilicon market had slightly fluctuated this week, with a shrinkage in the quotation interval at the same time. With the power restrictions now phasing out, the upstream supply of polysilicon powder is now replenished, followed by a downward adjustment in quotations, and businesses are slightly mitigated in production pressure amidst a gradually alleviating provision status in polysilicon....  more



[Solar] Solar Energy to Transform Energy in Gulf Countries Including Saudi Arabia

The Arabian Peninsula has been a barren land that could only support nomadic herding since ancient times but in the Primordial Age it was a fertile and shallow sea and, after geological changes, it came to contained a large amount of oil. In the 20th century, it became an important area affecting world history, strategy, and economy. However, the world is moving towards decarbonization and rejecting fossil fuels and, even if it does not, the oil will run out one day....  more


[Solar] Borosil to Expand PV Glass Production by Acquiring Interfloat

Indian PV glass manufacturer Borosil Renewables and European counterpart Interfloat Corporation have signed an agreement under which the former will acquire 100% of the stake in the latter. Interfloat Corporation belongs to Interfloat Group, which is currently Europe’s largest PV glass manufacturer with a production capacity of 300 metric tons per day. ...  more


[Lithium Battery] Gotion Hi-Tech Accelerates Its Overseas Expansion by Partnering with an Argentinian Mining Company

In order to expedite the formation and vertical integration of its own industry chain, Chinese battery manufacturer Gotion Hi-Tech announced on May 9 that it has signed an MoU with Jujuy Energía y Minería Sociedad del Estado (JEMSE) for comprehensive strategic cooperation. ...  more


[Lithium Battery] Natron Energy Teams with Clarios to Mass Produce Sodium-ion Batteries in 2023

Natron Energy, a California-based sodium-ion battery company, will team up with battery manufacturer Clarios to mass-produce sodium-ion batteries in Michigan in 2023....  more


[Solar] Shuangliang to Supply Risen with 1.572 Billion Pieces of Wafers from 2022 to 2025

Risen Energy announced on May 9 that one of its subsidiaries has signed a long-term supply agreement with a sub-subsidiary of Shuangliang Eco-Energy....  more