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Tata Power’s Energy Club Wins its First International Award as 'Most Innovative Campaign'

published: 2011-03-14 15:09

Tata Power Energy Club, Tata Power’s nationwide energy conservation movement led by school children, has been bestowed the ‘Most Innovative Campaign’ award at USA’s The Energy Daily’s 2010 Leadership Awards.

Each year, The Energy Daily, with the help of a panel of energy experts, recognizes leaders, influential companies, innovative campaigns and technologies with The Energy Daily’s Leadership Awards. The most innovative campaign award is bestowed to recognize a firm/organization for designing a powerful and successful energy campaign.

Other winners of the 2010 Leadership Awards include, Xtreme Power’s “Dynamic Power Resource” (DPR) in Most Innovative Technology category, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP won in the Most Dynamic Energy Practice Category and John Christian, president of Energy Solutions Inc., won the Corporate Leadership Award 2010.

In November 2010, Tata Power Energy Club was bestowed with the Gold Award by the Association of Business Communicators’ (ABCI) in the “Environmental Communications” category and was Ranked #2 out of 22 entries in the “Earth Care” category of Siemens Ecovative Award 2010.

Speaking on the recognition, Mr. Anil Sardana, Managing Director, Tata Power said, “I am delighted to see Tata Power Energy Club being felicitated on a global platform. The program has been very well received by the school children and has become a national movement. It is playing a vital role in aiding young minds, who have been the core influencers in advocating energy and resource conservation. We are of firm belief that Tata Power Energy Club will attain many more milestones in the years to come.”

The Energy Daily's Leadership - 'Most Innovative Campaign' is a further shot in the arm for the campaign that is extremely active and encourages the whole family to practice energy conservation in their daily lives. Under the programme, students from schools and colleges undergo a simple but effective audio-visual presentation session, creating awareness on the increasing demand for energy, the existing gap between demand and supply and the impact on the environment. Further, Tata Power Energy Club guides students to prevent wastage of power. Post this session, students are asked to implement the learning at their schools and homes. The students who manage to demonstrate savings in their monthly electricity bills on a consistent basis, as well as reach out to a large number of people are felicitated as 'Energy Champions'.

Today, Tata Power Energy Club has covered 400 schools and sensitised more than 2.8 million (28 lakh) citizens across the nation and over 3 million units of electricity have been saved till date. The Club is proud to have more than 19095 Energy Champions and 32257 Energy Ambassadors this year who are spreading the mantra of energy conservation among people across various age and income groups. Today, there are 154 mini Tata Power Energy Clubs across Mumbai, which are run by the school children with the aim to stop wastage of electricity.


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