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Jusung Engineering and MEMC Announce High Efficiency Solar Cell Production Strategic Partnership

published: 2011-07-07 14:39

Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd. ("Jusung"), a supplier of advanced technology and tools for high efficiency cell production, and MEMC Singapore Pte. Ltd. ("MEMC"), an affiliate of MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc., announced today a strategic partnership agreement to build and operate a high-efficiency solar cell production facility.

The strategic partnership will be a 50/50 joint venture between Jusung and MEMC. The initial 100MW of capacity is expected to begin commercial production in the first half of 2012. The partnership will combine MEMC's proprietary Solaicx CCZ (Continuous Czockhralski) monocrystalline wafers with Jusung's high efficiency cell manufacturing equipment. This strategic combination of technologies will drive a low cost, high efficiency and capital efficient solar cell manufacturing solution. The partnership is expected to require upfront capital of $16 million per partner.

"We are pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with Jusung," said Ken Hannah, President of MEMC Solar Materials. "Through a small, capital efficient investment, we expect to combine the benefits of MEMC's high performance Solaicx monocrystalline wafer technology with Jusung cell technology. The resulting innovative solar cells can be used by MEMC's SunEdison subsidiary in solar power projects. This proprietary cell platform is expected to not only provide a low cost high efficiency module but also significantly reduce the project balance of system cost per watt. It is another example of MEMC's continuous drive to provide our customers with some of the best products and services in the industry, and to lower the overall installed cost of solar energy."

Mr. CJ Hwang, CEO of Jusung commented, "We are excited to partner with an industry leader such as MEMC. While this is a new partnership for Jusung, our goal is unchanged - to develop innovative equipment technologies to delight our customers."

In addition to the cell manufacturing joint venture, MEMC and Jusung's strategic partnership allows the companies to market this low cost, high efficiency cell platform to key strategic cell manufacturing partners in the drive towards grid parity.

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