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FMC and Chemetal Joint Price of Lithium Carbonate

published: 2011-07-07 14:46

Since July 1, the United States, FMC, Germany Chemetal joint price of lithium carbonate, lithium carbonate prices rose 20 percent, including lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride, lithium, lithium battery materials, including downstream products also 15% to 25% price increase is expected this price increase will drive up the price of lithium batteries, lithium battery which is ready to increase the promotion of bicycle companies, the situation is even more grim.

It is understood that Chile SQM, USA FMC, Germany Chemetal Big Three dominate more than 70% of the global lithium carbonate production capacity. This indicates that prices in the global development of new energy vehicles in the context of lithium carbonate is about to get rid of the price weakness over the years and into the business cycle.

As the first phase of large-scale lead-acid battery industry consolidation, lead-acid batteries supply, prices rise. "Lead-acid battery prices to narrow the price gap with lithium batteries, lithium batteries to provide an opportunity for further promotion." Horse Super China Bicycle Association, said, "but once the price of lithium prices, lithium batteries for electric vehicles in terms of promotion the situation will become serious.”

As the electric bicycle industry profit is very thin, lithium battery manufacturer price increases is difficult to resolve the cost pressures, wants the state to increase subsidies for bike companies to expand the share of electric cars lithium battery. "Strive to three years to expand the proportion of lithium battery electric bicycle to 15%."

It is understood that China currently has 30 million electric bicycles, 97.5% use of lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and only 2.5%. In accordance with the national energy saving requirements, to promote electric cars lithium battery has become a trend. Super Ma said the main difficulty is to promote in its price.

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