Axeon Supplies Battery for Range-Extended Electric Van

published: 2011-10-18 14:57 | editor: | category: News

Axeon, Europe’s leading independent developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems, will supply two prototype batteries for a TSB grant-assisted project to develop a concept for a Hybrid electric vehicle.

UK-based Intelligent Energy and Revolve Technologies are collaborative partners in the project which involves the development of a concept for a lightweight, low emissions, range extended electric delivery van.

The 25kWh Axeon battery pack will enable the hybrid to run over 60 miles on electric power from the battery, before the on-board range extender internal combustion engine comes into play, powers the electric motor and recharges the battery. In this mode the total range combining the electric range and one tank of fuel is over 400 miles. The battery is made up of Nickel Cobalt Manganese pouch cells, which provide greater energy density than Lithium Iron Phosphate cells.

Andy Tempest at Intelligent Energy, said: “The lightweight range-extended electric van will allow users to reduce fuel costs, and therefore running costs, which when combined with the 80% reduction in CO2 emissions allows them to massively reduce their CO2 footprint at no cost premium”.

Lawrence Berns, CEO of Axeon said: “We are delighted that Intelligent Energy and Revolve selected Axeon to supply the batteries for its prototype range-extended vans, which underlines the versatility of our high-performance battery systems”.

The prototype battery packs will be delivered in October 2011.

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