BISOL Increased Sales in UK after PV Feed-in Tariffs Reduced

published: 2011-11-25 10:36 | editor: | category: News

BISOL increased sales in the United Kingdom after the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change issued a proposal to reduce Feed-in Tariffs for photovoltaic systems.

BISOL Group increased sales of premium quality photovoltaic modules by 300 per cent in the United Kingdom in November. This sales increase is the result of the trust the customers have in BISOL combined with the proposal for new Feed-in Tariff rates, which are planned to come into force on December 12, 2011. BISOL’s subsidiary company in the United Kingdom saw instant growth in orders as installers need to complete the installations before the due date.

The most popular BISOL PV modules in UK market are 245 and 250 W monocrystalline photovoltaic modules as English customers seek the highest power output modules to maximise limited roof spaces on residential dwellings. The preferred modules are all black and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Another aesthetic option for modern PV systems is using a module with transparent back sheet which allows light to pass through. For bigger solar power systems up to 50 kW in size clients mostly choose 227 or 233 W BISOL polycrystalline PV modules.

At the end of October the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change unexpectedly announced the proposal for new Feed-in Tariffs, which would be 51,5 per cent lower for small scale PV systems up to 4 kW. Reduced rates are also proposed for systems between 4 kW and 250 kW. The new proposed tariffs would apply to all new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after December 12, 2011. Such installations would receive the current tariff before moving to the lower tariffs on April 1, 2012.

One of the most important BISOL Group’s business strategies is being present locally in the most important PV markets. Therefore it opened its own subsidiary company in the UK called BISOL Solar Limited at the beginning of this year to increase and strengthen its market share. BISOL Group sales have since then been growing continuously with a record growth of 300 per cent in November.

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