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Gamesa Chairs the Navarra Foundation for Excellence

published: 2011-11-28 16:27

Gamesa chairs the Navarra Foundation for Excellence, following the appointment of Business Excellence Unit (BEU) Managing Director José Ignacio Larretxi as head of the institution.

The Navarra Foundation for Excellence is a public, non-profit organisation established by the Navarra Regional Government in 1999 for the purpose of promoting and raising awareness of the culture and principles of business excellence at all public and private Navarra organisations. It is meant to encourage these entities' ongoing development and innovation with the ultimate aim of fostering competitiveness and well-being in the Navarra region.

"We enjoy a challenge and making commitments and we accept the chairmanship of the Foundation with pride and a sense of honour in continuing to build on the efforts made by our predecessors. We will work to figure out what we can do better, with a sense of decisiveness as we address new needs at a speed matching that of our racing yacht the Gamesa Sailing Team," Larretxi told,

Under Gamesa's chairmanship, the foundation will deploy "a model that better addresses clients' needs," said José Ignacio Larretxi. "We will work hard to open our minds to find a better connection between theory and practice, providing our associates with the tools they need as clients."

Within the framework of its concept of sustainability, Gamesa believes that it must be an active player in the development of the communities in which it does business and must contribute to the growth of societies and stakeholders. "As Stephen R. Covey says, committed leaders must make themselves visible in extreme conditions, and we now face such conditions, from both an economic and social standpoint," said the foundation's new chairman.

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