Solar-Fabrik AG: New incell System Simplifies Assembly of Roof-Integrated Installations

published: 2012-01-30 15:01 | editor: | category: News

Solar-Fabrik proudly presents its new incell system for roof-integrated solar power installations. The certified system is constructed using only a small number of components, is as easy to instal as a skylight window and ensures high energy yields thanks to its innovative, rear ventilation technology. The incell system is suitable for use on roofs with pitches between 15° and 65° and can be combined with virtually all types of roof tile.

The new system has already obtained Enquête Technique Nouvelle (ETN) certification and gained high scores in rigorous rain, wind and roof impermeability tests. "Our aim was to develop a mounting system for roof-integrated installations that is really simple and that also allows the plant to generate higher energy yields," says Thomas Link, director of Products/Systems at Solar-Fabrik AG. "As with roof windows, most of the components in the incell system are prefabricated, meaning that no time is lost making adjustments. Installers receive pre-assembled kits with cover plates for the flashing and all the materials required for assembly. This saves a big amount of time on installation."

Unique rear ventilation system facilitates high yields
Good rear ventilation is critical to energy yield in roof-integrated installations. The incell system utilizes a unique new technology to facilitate this: Inlet air is drawn under the ventilation sheet directly beneath the modules and flows back out be-low the uppermost sheet. The cross section of the ventilation cavity is particularly large, eliminating the need for additional ventilation tiles and making installation much easier and faster.
This way of guiding the outgoing air has the added bonus of being extremely in-conspicuous, meaning that the incell system can be integrated into the roof surface with particularly attractive results.

Convenient system planning
Solar-Fabrik offers its customers free, easy-to-use planning software for the new system, which they can use to plan their own installation. Once planning is completed, the program generates a list of components with item codes, making it easy for customers to order the materials they need.

incell modules for roof integration
Solar-Fabrik supplies modules for roof-integrated installations in its Premium incell series. These modules are installed in place of the roof covering. The series comprises a range of different module types with power ratings from 185 to 250 Watts, and all Premium incell modules are equipped with the patented Solrif frame system. Particularly popular on the French market, incell modules have now been installed in their thousands and are proving successful in the field. Solar-Fabrik provides a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty for its Premium incell modules.

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