Trina Solar Receives "Made in EU" Certificate from ICIM

published: 2012-02-14 14:58 | editor: | category: News

Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL) ("Trina Solar" or the "Company"), a integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products from the production of ingots, wafers and cells to the assembly of PV modules, announced that its multicrystalline modules manufactured with European-sourced silicon wafers have been certified by the independent Italian institute ICIM and fulfill GSE requirements for a 10% feed-in tariff premium in Italy. The requirements were further sharpened by GSE in December 2011 (Revision 2 of the Application rules specifying the requirements for the granting of feed-in tariffs according to the Ministerial Decree of 5 May 2011)*, whereby Trina Solar fulfills these most recent revisions.

The ICIM certification process included the inspection of two factories and two tests of the final product. The ICIM auditors checked the ongoing production of the Company's silicon wafer suppliers in Europe, as well as Trina Solar's ongoing production of modules with European-sourced silicon wafers. All certified Trina Solar modules will include the ICIM factory inspection logo on the name plate.

* (Revisione 2 delle Regole applicative a precisazione dei requisiti per il riconoscimento delle tariffe incentivanti previste dal DM 5 maggio 2011)

Certified products include:

  • TSM-PC05
  • TSM-PC05.08
  • TSM-PC05.10
  • TSM-PC05.15
  • TSM-PC05.18
  • TSM-PC14

All of the above mentioned module types, including TSM PC 05A, received the Product Certification by ICIM which confirms that the modules have been tested according to CEI/EN 61215 and CEI/EN 61730.

"We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully passed all inspections and we have received the certificate from ICIM," said Ben Hill, Head of Trina Solar Europe. "Trina Solar is a global leading solar company offering high quality products with an industry-leading warranty. Customers buying our modules benefit from a combination of superior product quality, top warranty and highly attractive yield."

Trina Solar's ICIM certified modules can be used for residential, commercial and utility applications. All Trina Solar modules come with an industry leading warranty of 10 years on materials and workmanship and 25 years performance linear warranty.

Since establishing its Italy operations in 2006, Trina Solar has established strong partnership with its local customer base and is committed to the future sustainable growth of the market.

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