MEMC Introduces Advanced Semiconductor Wafer To Enable High Volume Manufacturing of Multigate Devices

published: 2012-07-09 16:41 | category: News

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. (NYSE: WFR) announced today the introduction of MEMC FOX-Si, an innovative and cost-effective silicon wafer designed specifically for delivering advanced FinFET technology with oxide dielectric isolation (FOX).

A key approach for designing transistors below 32 nanometers is a "fin-based" multigate design, or FinFET, in which the conducting channel is wrapped by a thin silicon "fin" forming the body of the device. However, manufacturability challenges of conventional FinFETs on bulk silicon have complicated the implementation of this technology in high volume manufacturing, particularly for System-On-a-Chip devices, which are very demanding in power and cost. One of the major challenges of FinFETS is junction isolation and fin dimension control which increases variability and potentially compromises scalability. Oxide isolated FinFETS eliminate this problem completely. MEMC FOX-Si enables the FinFET manufacturer to produce a well-controlled fin height to deliver a consistent channel width allowing the user to reduce variability at the front-end of the process.

Utilizing MEMC's well-established Silicon-On-Insulator Technology, and its vertically integrated position, MEMC can offer MEMC FOX-Si wafers at competitive prices. In addition, MEMC's proprietary customization process enables customers to develop a product tailored to meet their specific needs. The method used to produce MEMC FOX-Si also transfers easily into high volume manufacturing.

"As always, MEMC is committed to supporting customers with solutions that enable the advanced generation devices," commented Shaker Sadasivam, Executive VP & President-Semiconductor Materials. "MEMC Fox-Si is a cost effective wafer solution for FinFET applications, designed to simplify and improve high volume manufacturing for technologies below 22nm. As demand for the offering increases with end market growth, MEMC is committed to support and expand capacity as needed to meet customer volume requirements.

"Producing high-performance chips that don't require a lot of power continues to be the main challenge in creating multi-function mobile devices," said Gary Patton, Vice President, Semiconductor Research & Development, IBM. "Silicon-on-Insulator substrates, such as those developed by MEMC, are fast becoming the preferred manufacturing solution for devices of the future as electronics makers seek out new types of custom silicon to meet the high requirements set by users to offer significant improvement in performance at low power."

"MEMC's announcement is a very important step for the supply chain. FinFETs built on MEMC FOX-Si wafers result in lower cost and better manufacturability, which will provide the industry with an important advantage," said Horacio Mendez, Executive Director of the SOI Industry Consortium.

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