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Senersun Applies Linear Performance Warranty and Positive Tolerance on All Its Modules

published: 2012-09-18 15:03

Senersun, a manufacturer of premium quality solar panels, announces that it has upgraded its power output warranty to a linear performance warranty. Under the new warranty, Senersun guarantees that its solar panels will produce at least 97% of the rated power output during the first year. From the second year onwards and for the 24 following years, Senersun guarantees that its panels’ power will not decrease by more than 0.7% of the rated power per year. The new warranty applies to all Senersun products delivered to customers from August,1st 2012 and produced after July, 21st 2012.

In addition, Senersun announces that every panel produced after July, 31st will feature positive tolerance in standard (-0/+3%). These two new features complement Senersun’s unique quality program, which relies on extensive in-house testing and an exclusive third party re-check performed on every panel by STS Certified.

Alexandre Minuzzo, CEO of Senersun, comments: “Such an improvement, both in terms of warranty and performance, strengthens the commitment from Senersun of always delivering premium solar panels. Senersun panels now all feature a unique combination of high performance, reliability and leading-edge warranty, which really positions our panels as premium products. We trust these upgrades of our product line will further help our partners worldwide to promote Senersun panels, and increase our customers’ satisfaction.

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