ISOFOTON: China‘s New Challenge to Open PV Market to Foreign Investors

published: 2012-10-24 17:59 | editor: | category: News

ISOFOTON has actively participated in the APVIA PV 2012 International Exhibition, an important event that attracts corporate executives in the solar sector in Asia, which is being held this week in Singapore. Angel Luis Serrano, President of ISOFOTON, participated today in a specific panel where he called for the creation of a specific operating network in the technological field, to maintain European leadership in the PV sector.

Serrano highlighted the example of the US and China as “markets that are fully aware of the key role played by the photovoltaic industry in their countries’ competitiveness, so they are fully supporting the sector, a model to be followed by Europe, which has to continue supporting the photovoltaic industry”. With regards to the challenges facing the Chinese photovoltaic sector, he confirmed that “China has made a great effort to cut costs for the business, but the next challenge is to open the market to foreign investors in order to compete on a global market in equal conditions”. In this respect, he confirmed that ISOFOTON is a global company competing in the global marketplace, so we take our business to wherever our clients are”
At this event, Ángel Luis Serrano was able to discuss matters with important corporate representatives from the Asian solar sector, such as Peng Fan, CEO of JA Solar Holding Co, Charles Gay, Chairman of Applied Material Inc., Deepak Puri, Co- President of the Renewable Energy Committee of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Chairman of Moser Baer India and Christophe Inglin, Managing Director of Phoenix Solar.
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