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MEMC Introduces Silvantis M330 Solar Module

published: 2013-01-17 14:14

MEMC Electronic Materials(NYSE: WFR), introduced the MEMC Silvantis™ M330 Solar Module. The Silvantis M330 is the first product to be manufactured exclusively with MEMC-produced polysilicon and CCz p-type mono wafers leveraging the company's strategic vertical integration.

MEMC's new Silvantis M330 Module extends its existing module family and features to full square mono 330 watt (W) solar cells for higher output power and is Potential Induced Degradation (PID)-free, allowing for improved system reliability.

"Our focus at MEMC is utilizing our experience to provide the best customer value and reduce levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for our customers," said Vijay Chinnasami, senior vice president of solar materials at MEMC.  "Launching the Silvantis M330 is an important milestone for us.  We've leveraged our electronic grade polysilicon, wafer manufacturing expertise and strategic relationships to produce a module that increases efficiency and serves the commercial and utility markets at an economical price point."

The Silvantis M330 is a high-efficiency solar solution that improves efficiency to 16.9% (330W), utilizing new technology and manufacturing techniques to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and extend product lifetime.  Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) in Fremont California tested the modules according to IEC6125 and IEC61730 standards and certified TUV SUD certifications for long-term operation in a variety of climates and electrical safety.  RETC also tested and certified the modules by CSA for UL 1703 (1000 V).

The Silvantis M330 provides the following features and benefits:

Fully integrated MEMC silicon, wafers and cells

16.9% module  efficiency delivers over 5% savings per watt BOS improvement over multi-crystalline

Full square mono for higher power output

PID-free modules for better system reliability

CCZ p-type mono-crystalline wafer with tight resistance control to optimize cell performance

High load capacity of 5400 Pa

High-efficiency, textured ARC glass for superior energy production

Industry leading 1000V UL Certified by CSA

IEC certification by TUV SUD

25-year linear warranty backed by MEMC

Positive power tolerance of -0 to +5W for improved system performance

Lighter weight for easier installation

MEMC is also an ISO 9001 company and its solar module manufacturing sites in Asia and North America are ISO 14001 certified.

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