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AMECO Solar Announces New $250 Referral Program

published: 2013-01-23 14:33

AMECO Solar, Southern California's commercial and residential solar energy expert since 1974, is pleased to announce its new Referral Program, offering $250 payouts to those who encourage the use of renewable energy while at the same time decreasing their carbon footprint by utilizing AMECO Solar’s services. 

AMECO Solar has been very fortunate to see substantial growth over the last two years due largely to satisfied customer referrals.  So why not encourage more recommendations with a Referral Program to reward their actions? 

After implementing custom YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest channels, AMECO Solar now offers its present and future customers current insights into the solar industry today, renewable energy news, interviews with CEO Patrick Redgate, pictures of solar panel installation projects and much more.  While experiencing a substantial increase in recent traffic, AMECO Solar hopes to expound upon this by initiating a financial incentive to express our gratitude to those people who are promoting solar installation as well as sustainable energy in Southern California.   

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