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JA Solar Modules Pass Salt Mist Corrosion Test and Sulfur Dioxide Corrosion Test Conducted by TÜV NORD

published: 2013-02-28 14:42

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.(NASDAQ: JASO) ("JA Solar" or the "Company"), one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-performance solar power products, announced that all of its PV module series have successfully passed the salt mist corrosion test and the sulfur dioxide corrosion test. The independent tests were conducted by TÜV NORD AG, a leading multinational provider of inspection, product testing and certification services. The test results confirm that JA Solar's products offer exceptional reliability even in severe environments.

High salt concentration and humidity conditions are often found in coastal regions and certain pastoral farming areas. Prolonged exposure under these conditions may corrode the module components including frame, junction box, and glass, causing lower module power output. Conducted against the IEC61701 standards for power output, ground continuity, wet leakage current, insulation resistance and appearance, the salt mist corrosion test revealed that JA Solar's modules are in conformance with the described standard and are able to maintain high performance even under extreme conditions.

JA Solar's modules also passed the sulfur dioxide corrosion test. High sulfur dioxide concentration, common in surrounding areas of volcanoes and chemical manufacturing facilities, may cause corrosion to PV modules and decrease energy output. JA Solar's modules were tested against the DIN EN ISO 6988-1995 standards, where the modules were exposed to sulfur dioxide for a period of 480 hours and tested for power output degradation, ground continuity, wet leakage current, insulation resistance and appearance. JA Solar's modules have successfully passed the test and showed less than 5% power output degradation.

"We are delighted with the strong performance of JA Solar's modules under TÜV NORD's stringent testing, and we pride ourselves on our products' ability to function reliably under the most challenging conditions," said Mr. Yong Liu, CTO of JA Solar. "Our commitment to continuous technological innovation is vital to our ability to provide our customers with high-performance, high-efficiency, and high-reliability products."

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