Advanced Green Technologies Recognized by Americas Largest Roofing Materials Manufacturer, GAF, for Rooftop Solar Experience

published: 2013-03-27 14:50 | editor: | category: News

Advanced Green Technologies(AGT), a commercial solar contractor, has recently been recognized for its rooftop solar experience by North America’s largest roofing materials manufacturer, GAF, in their article for Solar Power World Online, titled “6 Ways to Avoid Damaging Roofs When Installing Solar Panels”. The article, written by GAF Vice President Anthony Ruffine, highlights major problems associated with improper rooftop solar installations and suggests ways to overcome these problems. A must read if you plan to install solar panels on a roof.

“With the popularity of rooftop solar installations increasing around the world, many contractors, lacking experience in roofing systems,  are looking to capitalize on the opportunity”, mentions David Goodman, AGT CEO. “And when you have an inexperienced contractor working on your roof, adding weight and drilling holes, bad things can happen, like voiding a roof’s manufacturer’s warranty…or worse.”

“A lot of solar installers take the roofing piece for granted or do not have the experience with rooftop installations to understand the challenges of each roof”, states Tony Ruffine, GAF Vice President. “That is why choosing an EPC that is familiar with the roof, such as Advanced Green Technologies, is crucial”. “The property owner should insist on a solar installer with genuine roofing experience...”

AGT is the established authority in engineering solutions to address the concerns and challenges faced by building owners and developers looking to install commercial rooftop solar. As a client, you benefit from AGT’s roofing knowledge and experience, removing the risk associated with rooftop solar installations.

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