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Motech PV Solar Panels at New Maryland Solar Project

published: 2013-12-13 12:01

Delaware’s Motech Americas LLC, a subsidiary of Motech Industries, Inc., announced on December 11th that 1,430 of its U.S. manufactured 300-Watt solar panels, being installed at a leading Landover, MD baking facility, are contributing to the annual elimination of 869,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions, 1,405 lbs. of nitrogen dioxide emissions and 3,200 lbs. of sulfur dioxide emissions while reducing electricity costs by some $250,000. The system, at Gold Crust Baking Company, Inc. began construction in the fourth quarter of 2013 and will be fully operational in 2014. MOTECH Americas works to provide a global source of clean and renewable energy, and strives to create a sustainable environment for future generations.

“This is a valuable and responsible undertaking,” said Dave Holleran, Senior Manager of Module Sales for Motech Americas, “because of the significantly reduced environmental footprint that will result. Specifically, the project will have tangible environmental benefits, including the equivalent of 909,407 car miles not driven and 10,126 trees grown for 10 years.

“To accomplish the savings,” he added, “1,430 MOTECH 300-watt Solar PV Panels are being installed. This will provide Gold Crust Baking Company, Inc. with 545,000 kWh’s of clean electricity annually, and more than 10.3Mill kWh’s over the term of the Power Purchase Agreement.”

According to Chris D. Fraga, Founder & CEO of SolarSense LLC, who developed the project and owns and operates the Power Purchase Agreement, “Gold Crust Baking Company, Inc. has been committed to sustainability by purchasing wind-generated electricity from a third party supplier, and as their business expanded they wanted to further protect and preserve our planet for future generations. On-site Solar PV generation on their large, flat roof made sense as the next step. Due to their rapid growth, Gold Crust Baking Company, Inc. partnered with SolarSense to develop, finance, construct, own and operate the Solar PV System on a turnkey Power Purchase Agreement basis versus developing the system themselves. Based on SolarSense’s previous success with MOTECH Panels in other PPA projects, we selected MOTECH as the ideal panel supplier and partner.”

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